Dating i danmark Slagelse

It is possible that the absence of written sources can be explained by the fact the fortresses were apparently only in use for a very short time, perhaps for as little as 10-15 years.

Trelleborg has been dated using dendrochronological dating of timber from its moats.

dating i danmark Slagelse

Cookies používame, aby sme mohli prispôsobovať používateľovi obsah a reklamy, merať reklamy a poskytovať vyššiu bezpečnosť služby.A Viking ring fortress is a type of circular fort of a special design, built by the Vikings in the Viking Age. All Trelleborgs have a strictly circular shape, with roads and gates pointing in the four cardinal directions.These common structures are sometimes partially encircled by advanced ramparts, but these additions are not always circular.The political situation at this time has been the subject of much examination and, despite the opposing theories, it seems clear that the ring fortresses were associated with Harald Bluetooth’s attempts to strengthen royal power in Denmark, which took place during this period.Harald proclaims on the large rune stone at Jelling that he “won for himself all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian”.

Dating i danmark Slagelse

It would be logical to conclude that the fortresses were part of an attempt to subdue petty kings and local chieftains, especially given the fact that a strong, central royal power was clearly the only actor with sufficient resources to undertake such an exercise.The ring fortresses testify to the animosity which Harald’s efforts were met with, and it is not surprising that the gathering of the kingdom led to rebellion and civil war.Three other fortresses are known of, which were obviously constructed in association with Trelleborg and are based upon the same model: Aggersborg on the north side of the Limfjord, Fyrkat near Hobro and Nonnebakken in Odense.Aggersborg is the largest of these, whilst Trelleborg is by far the best preserved and the only one with a fortified outer ward.The fort in Borgeby has been dated to around 1000 AD, so it is possible that it too, was built by the same king.

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Denmark and Sweden are currently applying for admission of the Viking ring fortresses as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

No contemporary written sources that mention the ring fortresses are known of.

The lack of direct evidence in the historical sources is somewhat surprising given the gigantic effort that must have been involved in the constructions.

The existence of a Viking ring fortress at Helsingborg in modern Sweden, was suggested in 2009 after archaeological excavations since 1987.

The Helsingborg ring fort might have been the largest of them all, at a diameter of 270 m.

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